Interview with Artistic Director Laura Di Cicco

Laura’s career as an actor, singer, writer, director and producer has spanned nearly 30 years. She graduated from the University of British Columbia and has worked in Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver. In Ottawa, Laura worked with Odyssey Theatre’s mainstage and helped found Lazzi Lazzi, the company’s touring wing. Laura worked for the CBC as a freelancer for Radio One and Two. Some of her Ontario credits include Street Legal, Friday the 13th, Turandot, Ondine and The Audition. In 1996, Laura moved back to Vancouver and performed  with companies including Green Thumb Theatre, Ruby Slippers, Theatre Conspiracy and Axis Theatre. Laura has also played the (in)famous Leni Riefenstahl in Mieko Ouchi’s The Blue Light for Keyano Theatre’s 2010 season. In 1998, Laura was a co-recipient of a Jessie Richardson Award for a tour with Axis Theatre. Vancouver film and television credits include Saving Milly, The League of Lefties, Noah’s Arc and Traveler. Laura also performs in the award-winning independent film Floating Away.  In 2004, Laura founded Fugue Theatre, and dedicated Fugue’s work to the commissioning and production of original Canadian operettas, musicals and plays with music. Laura will be playing Jacob Marley in Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol at the Jericho Arts Centre in December. In Les Filles du Roi, Laura plays the character of La Madame.

Tell me about the character you play in Les Filles du Roi.

I play a character called La Madame. She is one of the original colonists in the New World. She is tough as nails and a force to be reckoned with. She needs to be, as conditions are extremely harsh and she has had to steel herself within these circumstances in order to survive. La Madame is the one who greets and prepares the boatload of filles du roi as they begin their lives in the New World.

What is compelling about your character? What is most challenging?

I admire her strength and ability to survive. The challenging aspect is to try to have her remain human in the face of her tough exterior.

As the Artistic Director of Fugue, why is it important to you to develop this show?

This show is an extremely important story to tell. Not only is it deeply connected to Canada’s history but it also addresses critical contemporary issues such as immigration, racism and women's issues, within a compelling narrative that is full of heart.

What are you most looking forward to as you begin this process?

I love watching this project grow. I love being part of a creative process, and rehearsing and seeing things develop. I'm sure that the show will change even more as we go into next year and towards a full-scale production. But so far, seeing things move from a small cast of performers to include a chorus of young women, who are all from different cultural backgrounds, is quite special.


The in-concert presentation of Les Filles du Roi takes place November 4 & 5, 7pm at the Orpheum Annex. Admission is free. Click here for Facebook event.