Poster for Les Filles du Roi

Les Filles Du Roi

York Theatre, VancouveR, 2018

by Julie McIsaac and Corey Payette  
Directed by Corey Payette

The show traces the arrival of the historical filles du roi to Canada in the 1600s. The musical’s narrative is set in motion by the arrival of a French ship in the summer of 1665. Kateri, a young Mohawk girl, and her brother Jean-Baptiste, find their lives disrupted by the arrival of les filles du roi. Together, they forge an unlikely relationship with a young fille, Marie Jeanne Lespérance, whose dreams for a new life in the French settlement of Ville-Marie are more complicated than she imagined. Over the course of four tumultuous seasons, French, Mohawk, Métis and English characters build a complex web of relationships that sets the stage for the Canada we know today.

Actors/Singers: Kaitlyn Yott, Julie McIsaac, Raes Calvert, Laura Di Cicco, Andrew Cohen, Chelsea Rose, Synthia Yusuf, Kayla Dunbar, Lisa Goebel, Cecilly Day, Merewyn Comeau
Musicians: Rachel Kiyo Iwassa, Molly MacKinnon, John Kastelic, Rebecca Wenham

Composer/lyrics: Corey Payette  
Lyrics: Lucia Frangione

Music Director: Rachel Kiyo Iwassa
Production Design: Marshall McMahen
Sound Design: Kyra Soko
Beadwork Design: Konwahonwá:wi Stacey
Movement Director: Patrice Bowler
Associate Movement Director/Dance Captain: Lisa Goebel
Assistant Director: Emilie Leclerc

Cast of Off Leash. Photo by Mark Halliday, 2015

Off-leash: a dog park opera

studio 16, VancouveR, 2015

by Lucia Frangione and Benton Roark  
Directed by Sarah Rodgers

Four dog owners and their canine companions make their way to the dog park every morning. When the park comes under threat of being shut down by the city, the eclectic group of human and canine characters finds themselves drawn together in their struggle to defend their turf. Passions emerge, competition ensues and tensions erupt. Double cast, with each performer playing both dog and owner, OFF LEASH combines musical theatre, physical comedy and opera to give a quirky yet relatable look at loneliness in the big city.



Performers: Kery van der Griend, Laura Di Cicco, Simon Webb, Karen Ydenberg-White

Composer: Benton Roark  
Librettist: Lucia Frangione

Music Director: Kathleen Allan  
Assistant Director: William Hopkins  
Associate Music Director and Rehearsal Pianist: Kimberley-Ann Bartczak

Set and Costume Designer: Drew Facey  
Lighting Designer: Gerald King  
Assistant Lighting Designer: Julie Marten

Production Manager: Nicholas Jacques  
Stage Manager: Lucy Pratt-Johnson  
Publicity: Damon Jang  
Photography/Videography: Mark Halliday

Jennifer McLaren in  Secret Service.  Photography by Graham Ockley

Jennifer McLaren in Secret Service. Photography by Graham Ockley

Secret Service

Performance works, vancouver, 2013

by Kico Gonzalez-Risso and Neil Weisensel.
Directed by Laura Di Cicco

A high powered figure, body-guard in tow, enters an abandoned warehouse to engage in a secret meeting with his mistress. To his great surprise, he's met instead by a whip-yielding dominatrix who brazenly challenges his power, launching him into the ultimate spy story. Hilarity, eroticism and horror come together in Secret Service, a 90-minute operetta by acclaimed composer Neil Weisensel (Stickboy) and local playwright Kico Gonzalez-Risso. Bringing together a team of 25 local theatre artists, technicians and students, Secret Service challenges our ideologies of knowledge and power in a technological society, while posing questions about privacy, choice and responsibility.



Performers: Jennifer McLaren, Damon Calderwood, Gordon Roberts
Musicians: Robin Reid, Neil Weisensel

Composer: Neil Weisensel
Librettist: Kico Gonzalez-Risso

Set, Lighting and Video Designer: Alia Stephen
Costume Designer: Flo Barrett
Production Manager: Shannon Macelli

Stage Manager: Robin Richardson
Production Assistant: Alana Friestadt
Student Mentorship Program: Nikkita Nair, Su Thazin and Sarah Hermano

Laura Di Cicco and Matt Palmer in  Supernatural Noir . Photo by Angelina L. Cantada Photography, 2011.

Supernatural noir

waterfront theatre, vancouver, 2011

by Kico Gonzalez-Risso and Cameron Wilson  

Ovation Awards Nominations for Outstanding New Work and Outstanding Lighting Design

An operatic environmental murder mystery, film-noir style. Slim Diggins is a psychic detective who has been asked to find a missing husband. The vanished hubby also happens to be a famous toxicologist, who might just have the clues needed to unravel a local shellfish die off. Staged as a chamber opera with four singers and four musicians, the darkly comic tale is sung from beginning to end and features acclaimed Canadian ensemble, Joe Trio.


Composer: Cameron Wilson  
Librettist: Kico Gonzalez-Risso

Performers: Matt Palmer, Melanie Adams, Laura Di Cicco, Ronnie Bouvet and David Adams.

A concert performance was presented at The Cultch as part of MusicFest 2010.

Marco Soriano, Laura Di Cicco and Lucia Frangione in  Via Beatrice . Photography by Bettie Neels.

Marco Soriano, Laura Di Cicco and Lucia Frangione in Via Beatrice. Photography by Bettie Neels.

Via Beatrice

Playwrights theatre centre, Vancouver, 2009

by Jennifer Griffin and Peggy Lee  

Directed by Matthew Bissett

Jessie Richardson Awards Nominations: Outstanding Original Script and Critics’ Picks for Innovation in Theatre

Critic’s Picks in The Georgia Straight and The Province.

"One of the Top 10 Shows of 2009" - The Courier



A woman travels to Italy after the suicide of her daughter. Lost in her grief, she stumbles upon a haunted tour of Rome led by a slick Italian tour guide. He has his own demons. Together, the man and the woman become entwined with the ghost of Beatrice Cenci in a roller-coaster ride of sensuality, fright, grief and hope. This seductive operetta starred Laura Di Cicco, Lucia Frangione and Marco Soriano, with each performer acting and singing multiple parts.

Performers: Laura Di Cicco, Lucia Frangione and Marco Soriano  
Musicians: Peggy Lee and Ron Samworth

Writer and Librettist: Jennifer Griffin  
Composer, Musical Direction and Musician: Peggy Lee

Direction: Matthew Bissett  
Dramaturgy: Liesl Lafferty  
Set Design: Andreas Kahre

Workshop Director and dramaturgical consultant: Chris-Gerrard Pinker

Special thank you to Jessica Chambers, Jonathan Ryder and the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts for their incredible support.

Other Works

Out Like Flynn

Playwright Theatre Centre, Granville Island, Vancouver, 2007

An original, Canadian, musical dreamscape written and composed by Jeff Gladstone (Lazy Susan, Theatre Melee, Jessie Award nominee), Out Like Flynn blends fact and fiction to imagine the last days of Hollywood legend Errol Flynn, as he indulges in the wanton and wicked nightlife of 1950s Vancouver. It is the story of the intriguing Hollywood legend, Errol Flynn, and the last days he spent in none other than Vancouver.

Performers: Russell Roberts, Laura Di Cicco, Julie McIsaac and Joanna Chapman-Smith

Directed by Jack Paterson

Musician\Musical Director: Joahnna Chapman-Smith

Lillie and Flynn (concert presentation)

Shabolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby, 2006

A one-hour concert presentation of Out Like Flynn, presented at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts as a part of their “Sneak-Preview” program for up-and-coming artists. This production was also developed in conjunction with Killarney Secondary as part of Fugue’s ongoing Youth Mentorship Program, in which we invite students from vulnerable communities to join us in the production of our shows.

Performers: Laura Di Cicco, Mike Wasko

Director: Tracey Power

Musician: Steve Charles